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The British Are Coming!
What It's All About--Happy Customers!
Whatever Is An Errand Blog? Never Heard of Such a Thing!


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The British Are Coming!

I had a delightful time last week meeting a young British couple new to Dallas and the states! Needless to say, I think, we were all impressed. I showed them around a bit, found them a beautiful apartment downtown, and generally gave them the Texas welcome we're so famous for in the big D.

Want a dash of the King's English? I received a rather warm royal note from my now London friends:

As a professional couple relocating from the UK, we had quite specific requirements about the style and location of apartment we were looking for.

What It's All About--Happy Customers!

Talk about a surprising errands request! We got a call around 6 p.m. one evening from Seattle, of all places--considering we are in Dallas!

Could we, would we, help an online shopper who found the last three furniture items she needed at the IKEA store here in Dallas? She needed to have someone go to the store, pick the boxes up, deliver them to FedEx for shipping to her ASAP for a party she was having very soon. She already had most of the individual pieces; she just needed the last remaining (and matching) few.

Whatever Is An Errand Blog? Never Heard of Such a Thing!

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What am I to say in an errand blog? a conceirge blog?
Should I tell you about the time a customer and I went lamp shopping? We went to several lamp stores and finally found this very handsome, stylish pole lamp. Problem was, of course, the lamp came boxed, broken down in "easy-to-put-together" pieces.
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